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Documento sin título
Origins XI (1985)

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 6:36 pm    Post subject: Origins XI (1985) Reply with quote

Title: Origins XI. 11th Annual National Adventure Gaming Show
Convention Dates: June 27, 28, 29, 30; 1985
Convention Location: Baltimore, Maryland.
Type: Convention program
Significant Credits-
Host: Atlanticon, Inc. and GAMA
Convention Manager: Wes Coates
Auctioneers: Canam Associates
Cover Art:
Copyright: n/a
Format: 80 pages. Medium cardstock cover. Stapled
Cover Price: n/a
Mass: 82g
Dimensions: length 20.9cm, width 13.3cm, thickness .4cm

Back cover:

Significant events:

Special Events (Sponsor / Event / Host (type)):
Amarillo Design Bureau / Star Fleet Battles Patrol Tournament
Adventure Simulations / Super Squadron / (Australian Superhero rpg)
Baltimore Role Games / The Grenadier Visual Dungeon
Flying Buffalo / The Play by Mail Association Meeting
GAMA / GAMA Business Meeting, Awards Meeting
GAMA / Retail Marketing for Adventure Games / Wayne Godfrey
Mike's Models / Basic Painting
Mike's Models / Painting Tricks: More on How to Get Your Favorite Troops on the Gaming Table Quickly
New York Game Board / Diplomacy Hobby Meeting
New York Game Board / Open Gaming Clearing House
Midland Players / Generic Traveller
Steve Jackson Games / AADA World Championships / National championship of the Autoduel Association
Wilmark Dynasty / Lost Worlds
Wilmark Dynasty / Dragonriders of Pern /

Role Playing (Sponsor / Event / Host and/or game type):
Avalon Hill / Powers & Perils
Baltimore Role Games / The Mending Stone / AD&D
DS&C Games / Ziggurat / AD&D variant
Mark L. Gable / The Snow Serpeant Awakens / AD&D variant
Paramount Games / A Requiem of Quiescence / AD&D variant
Midland Players / The Antarran Connection / AD&D
Michael Stathearn / Runequest III: The Goddess Arises
Steve Mecca / The House of Idiocy / AD&D
Wilmark Dynasty / Holy War / AD&D
Wilmark Dynasty / Paranoia / Paranoia rpg
Avalon Hill / Runequest: A Fistful of Lunars
Avalon Hill / Powers & Perils Advanced Tournament - Tome of Kototh
Fantasy Games Unlimited / Magic in Daredevils/Aftermath / Paul Hume
Mercer Adventure Games / Doom's Day / Miniatures
Mayfair Games / The Wizard's Tower: Carnage!
Wilmark Dynasty / Countdown / modern rpg
Midland Players / The Terrorist's Creed / traveller
Wilmark Dynasty / Anything but Neutral / Star Trek rpg
DS&C Adventures / Horrors of the Demon's Den / AD&D variation
Amarillo Design Bureau / Star Fleet Battles Captain Tournament / refers to Nexus #11 for rules to be used
Baltimore Role Games / Needle in a Stack of Chips / Ringworld event
Fantasy Games Unlimited / Aftermath: Mutant Hunt
Midland Players / Survival of the Fittest / traveller
Randy & Amy Martens / The Chambers of Mist / AD&D
Steve Jackson Games / Necromancer
TSR / The AD&D Open / Official annual TSR event limited to 256 players. No title given
University of Maryland Historical Wargaming Society / Third Reich 4th edition
Wilmark Dynasty / James Bond / James Bond 007 rpg
West End Games / Cosmic Encounters
The Adventurers Club / Murder on the Oriental Dragon Express / Adventure! Intrigue! All on Oerth's 800ft Organic Train System from Greyhawk to Gladsheim. You'll find danger at every turn! Bring 10th -12th level characters. AD&D
Avalon Hill / The Russian Campaign
Mark Basset / Micro Variations / Melee-Wizard and OGRE-GEV
Randy & Amy Martens / Melee-Wizard Demo-derby
Wilmark Dynasty / Chill
Wilmark Dynasty / Baker Street Irregularity / Sherlock Holmes rpg
Wilmark Dynasty / The Izora Gambit / traveller
Michael Strathearn / Dragonquest: The Quest for Peace
Steve Mecca / The Horror Out in the Sticks / Call of Cthulhu
Wilmark Dynasty / The Tower of the High Ones / Elfquest RPG
Iron Crown Enterprises / First Official MERP Tournament / Journey through the High Pass of the Misty Mountains, bound for the Ettenmoors. Recover the lost Northern Crown.
Avalon Hill / Circus Maximus
Baltimore Role Games / Harem to Rescue / AD&D
DS&C Adventures / To Siege a Castle / AD&D
Hero Games / The Official Hero Games Champions Tournament / Keith Hannigan & Michael Molony
Mayfair Games / Dragonriders of Pern
Monmouth Games / The Wizard's Tower: Havoc! / AD&D
Rutgers University Gamers / Killing Time at Pen Star Down / Traveller
Steve Jackson Games / Car Wars Demo Derby
Midland Players / Murder on the Romilex Jump / traveller
Avalon Hill / Air Force/Dauntless
Avalon Hill / Masters / Rob Beyma
Avalon Hill / Up Front/Banzai / Ken Whitesell
Avalon Hill / Stellar Conquest
Carl Rigney / Death of a Nation / Champions rpg
Fantasy Games Unlimited / The Revenge of the Seventh Samurai / Bushido rpg
General Products Corporation / The Official Okuden Tournament
General Products Corporation / Dominion Tournament
Jenkintown Area Gamers / Revenge of the Forest / AD&D
MC / WS&IM Multiplayer Monster Game
General Products Corporation / Dominion tournament / official tourney
Mark L. Gable / The Snow Serpent Awakens
Mountaineer Gaming Association / The Pearls of Wisdom / frp "Life Fantastic" rpg system developed by the sponsor. System resembles The Fantasy Trip
SPI / Chickamauga
Task Force / Starfire
Stephen Smith / Decision on the Delaware (Timemaster)
V.O.L.E. / Parousia (Space Opera)
Mercer Adventure Games / Arena of Doom
Michael J. Mangieri / The Sect of the Dark Lords / AD&D
Midland Players / Prison Break on Deleth Colony / Traveller
General Products Corporation / The Official Quadrim Tournament
Avalon Hill / Victory in the Pacific
Rutgers University Gamers / Countdown to War: The Official GDW Traveller Tournament
Steve Mecca / Night Sanctuary & the Howling Hunter / Runequest
V.O.L.E. / Where's There's A Will / frp
Wilmark Dynasty / Twilight 2000
Avalon Hill / Kingmaker
Avalon Hill / Mixed Bag Computer Gaming Run-Off / Microcomputers Inc.
DS&C Adventures / The Staff of Dawn / frp
Fantasy Games Unlimited / The Drums of Death / FGU Merc rules
General Products Corp / Shogi Tournament
Pacesetters / Timemaster Tournament
Risk Dorsey / Diplomatic Encounters
Ruth Souchard Pitt / Rescue At Caranas/Angurth's Revenge / Rolemaster variant
Steve Jackson Games / Illuminati / expansion set #2
Avalon Hill / Titan
Historical Concepts / Battles of the First Empire: Marengo /
Baltimore Role Games / Research Base Alpha, Where Are You? / A Ringworld adventure
General Products Corp / The Shang Chi Tournament / ancient chinese game called the most widely played in the world
Midland Players / The Salvation of Arkaie's Soul / Traveller
Phoenix Salvage Company / Starship Endor - Ghost Ship / traveller
Rutgers University Gamers / Assault of Fortress Dis / AD&D
Wilmark Dynasty / Champions / rpg
Wilmark Dynasty / The Withered Heath / MERP
Dan Igor White / The Room of Wonder / frp
Task Force / Battlewagon
Wilmark Dynasty / Calamity
V.O.L.E. / The Shadow King / Chivalry and Sorcery
Avalon Hill / The 'On All Fronts' Squad Leader Tournaments
Avalon Hill / The Official Dune Tournament
Avalon Hill / War At Sea
Chaosium / The Official Elfquest tournament: Transitions
Historical Concepts / DC Heroes Role Playing Game
Monmouth Gamers / Prison Break / The Fantasy Trip
Midland Players / The Mystery of Arlos Research Station / Traveller
Panhellinic Council / Return From Hades / AD&D
Steve Jackson Games / AADA Combat Rally / Car Wars
Steve Jackson Games / Toon: Cardboard Warriors
Victory Games / Cold War for Fun and Profit
Wilmark Dynasty / Villians and Vigilantes /
World Wide Wargamers / East Wind, Rain
The Adventurers Club / The Weird Sathar / AD&D
Avalon Hill / Battle of the Bulge '81 / John Kreuz
Charybdis / Death At Dawn / frp?
Orc Production Company / Total Depth / boardgame introduction tourney with $1000 prize
Pacesetter / Chill
Unicorn Sanctuary / Quest for Tyche's Orb / AD&D
Wilmark Dynasty / Football Strategy / Avalon Hill
Dan Igor White / The Arctic Adventure / frp
Hero games / The Official Hero Games Justice Inc. Tournament
Randy & Amy Martens / The Intruder: An Official GDW Traveller Tournament
V.O.L.E. / Into the Hierarch's Lair
Wilmark Dynasty / Melanda, Land of Mystery
Baltimore Role Games / Arena of the Cobra King / frp
Chaosium / Ringworld: ARM
DS&C / The Lair of the Snow Trolls / AD&D
Flying Buffalo / Nuclear War
Monmouth Gamers / The Inn Between Worlds / AD&D 'survival require knowledge of fantasy, scifi, gaming, and classical literature'
Rutgers University Gamers / Official GDW Imperium Tournament
Steve Jackson Games / OGRE-GEV Shockwave
West End Games / Junta
Midland Players / The Final Flight of Atlantica / traveller
Avalon Hill / Storm Over Arnhem
Avalon Hill / Machiavelli
Bob Giglio / Civil Wars Roleplaying
DS&C / The Isle of Kazar
Jenkintown Area Gamers / Desert Shadows of Death / official Chaosium Elfquest adventure
Mayfair Games / Hammer's Slammers
Mark Campbell / WS&IM
Mark L. Gable / The Snow Serpent Awakens / frp
Pacesetter / Star Ave Tournament
Rutgers University Gamers / The Talons of Mal-Kol-Tal / AD&D
Wilmark Dynasty / Civilization / Avalon Hill Civilization
Mercer Adventure Games / Labyrinth of Doom: Doom III
Midland Players / Undersea: Exploration and Discovery On Ocania / traveller
Strategic Simulations / The Official SSI Broadsides Computer Game Tournament
Dan Igor White / The Room of Wonder / frp
New York Game Board / Diplomacy / Robert Sacks and John Boardman
Avalon Hill / Firepower / Craig Taylor
DS&C / Finieous Fingers: The Rescue at Telemark
Milton Bradley / Conquest of the Empire
Midland Players / The Hunt for Arkaie's Treasure / frp
Phoenix Salvage Company / Starship "High Paradise" - Rescue of a Princess / traveller
Steve Jackson Games / Battlesuit
TSR / Rampage!!! / Penny Petticord Marvel Super Heroes
TSR / Menschenjaeger / Frank Mentzer AD&D
Monmouth Gamers / Monopoly
Randy & Amy Martens / First Contact: An Official GDW Traveller Tournament
Wilmark Dynasty / Empire Builder / Mayfair Games
Jenkintown Area Gamers / The Final Enemy / Runquest III
Rutgers University Gamers / Treasure of the Dragon Queen / Find and secure the fabled cache before the forces of darkness subjugating the region stumble across it. God knows what will happen of they do. AD&D
Wilmark Dynasty / British Rails / Mayfair Games
DS&C / City Quest / AD&D
TSR / The RPGA Network AD&D Tournament
World Wide Wargamers / Holy Roman Empire / Mark Mclaughlin
Baltimore Role Games / Easy Money??? / Rolemaster
Fantasy Gamers Unlimited / The Demon Samurai / Bushido
Monmouth Gamers / Son of Pun Dungeon / Jeff Leid AD&D
Randy & Amy Martens / The Demon's Game / AD&D
West End Games / Borderlands
FASA / Triangle Trade / Star Trek
Historical Concepts / Cradle of Civilization
Steve Mecca / Swords Below Lankhmar / TSR's yet to be release 'Return to Lankhmar' AD&D
Baltimore Role Gamers / Rescue of King Richard / C&S
Cherry Hill Wargaming Association / Spycon ' A Top Secret Mission / Top Secret
DS&C / Teh Temple of the Lizard King / AD&D
Wilmark Dynasty / Rail Baron
Midland Players / Landroux Hijacking in Progress / traveller

Miniatures (Sponsor / Event / Host and/or game type):
Eastern Long Island Wargamers / Napoleon's Last Battles I: LIGNY
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / The Beginning of the End / Steve Corby and Chris Fawcett. Microarmor
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / World War III in Europe / James Slonena and Little Soldier Games. TTG's Challenger rules
Triangle Simulation Society / Panzershiffs Demo/Tournament / Ed Mohrmann
Huscarle Hobbies / Panzier Tactics Demonstration / Dennis Long
Triangle Simulation Society / Napoleon 15mm Grand Tactical Tournament / Ed Mohrmann
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / War in the Age of Napoleon the Little
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Stone's River
TJ / Qadarnikoi / Tekumel Games Inc.
Minifig / Whats Up Darius? 15mm Ancients / Bruce Kendall
Triangle Simulations Society / Panzershiffs Demo/ Tournament II / Michael Phelps
Triangle Simulations Society / WWII 20mm Skirmish Demo/Tournament / Ed Mohrmann
Chaosium / One-On-One WEG Modern Microarmor
Eastern Long Island Wargamers / Napoleon's Last Battles II: Quatre Bras
Historical Miniatures Gamign Society / War in the Age of Marlborough / Pat Condray
The Columbia Gamers / Empire III Tournament / John Lange
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Tricorne 25mm Seven Years War Tournament / Ken Burger
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Teh Battles of Fredrick the Great Robert Coggins
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Column, Line and Square 15mm Napoleonics Dave Waxtel
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / 25mm Roarke's Drift
Minifig / 25mm Buccaneers vs the British Navy / Bill Abrams and Steve Carpenter
Triangle Simulations Society / Raid 20mm Skirmish Demo/Tournament / Ed Mohrman
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Napoleonic Naval Ships Demo/Tournament / Bill Bethke
Minifigs / Steam, Iron, Tin 15mm Naval / Bill Abrams and Bruce Kimball
Tom Brazil / Nato Strikes Back
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Rally Round the Flag / Patrick McGuire
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Le Brigadier 7 years War Rules Demo/Tournament / John Guarnescheli
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Retinue Medieval Rules / Steve McHenery
Triangle Simulations Society / Old West Skirmish Demo/Tournament / Stephen G. Walburn
Connecticut Game Club / Old Fashioned Cowboys and Indians
Huscarle Hobbies / Panzer Tactics
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / WRG 25mm Ancients Tournament
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Retinue / Michael Caighead
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Small Unit Action Rules Demonstration / Potomac Wargamers and Wally Simon
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / US Pike and Shot Federation 25mm Origins '85 Tournament / Dr. Brian Scherzer
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / US Pike and Shot Federation 15mm Origins '85 Tournament / Dr. Brian Scherzer
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / American Revolutionary War / Michael Schundler
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Range War: Salacious Texas / Richard Bryant
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Napoleonic Naval Ships / Bill Bethke
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Drums Along the Mohawk / William Plotz
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / The Alamo / Ron Prillaman
Minifigs / Fritz-Krieg 15mm SYW / Bruce Kimball
Richard R. Sartore and Associate, Inc. / The Official Seekreig Tournament
Eastern Long Island Wargamers / Napoleon's Last Battles III: Wavre
Columbia Gamers / Empire III Tournament / John Lange
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / The Great Wall of Haub / Fred Haub
Minifigs / 15mm 17th Century Pike and Shot Miniatures / Bill Abrams and Steve Carpenter
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Seapower III: Battle of Java Sea
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Horse and Musket Rules for the AMR / Alain Coughlin
Minifig / 25mm Bucaneers vs the British Navy / Bill Abrams and Steve Carpenter
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Charge Project: 7 Years War
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / 1914 Battalion Action: The Great War / Fred Haub and Terry Sirk
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Koenig Kreig / Barry Gray
Minifigs / 25mm Small Unit Tactics in the French and Indian War / Bill Abrams and Bruce Kimball
Triangle Simulations Society / Heat of Oak Sailing Ship Demo/Tournament / Stephen G. Walburn
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / E-Boats in the North Atlantic / Stephen McHenry
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Nach Paris (Franco-Prussian Rules) / Paul Koch

Seminar (Sponsor / Event / Host and/or game type):
TSR / D&D AD&D Question and Answer Session / Ernie Gygax, Penny Petticord and Frank Mentzer
University of Maryland Historical Wargaming Society / Third Reich Fourth Edition: A Discussion / Brian Sutton
USMC / Soviet Offensive and Defensive Operations / Marine Officer
Wilmark Dynasty / Add Sects To Your Campaign
Avalon Hill / Up Front Seminar / Ken Whitesell
Steve Jackson Games / Meet Steve Jackson Games
TSR / The Secrets of Greyhawk / Ernie Gygax
University of Maryland Historical Wargaming Society / Starfire Campaign Theory
Steve Jackson Games / Gurps - The Next Step in Role Playing / Steve Jackson
Ragnarok Enterprises / Historical Periods for Role Playing
Avalon Hill / Getting Into Powers & Perils / Richard Snider
Strategic Studies Group Pty. Ltd. / Computer Game Design
Adventures By Mail / Adventures By Mail Open Seminar
FASA / Ask Star Fleet Command: RPG Session
Iron Crown Enterprises / Starmaster: SFRP From ICE
Paramount Games Club of Perry Hill / Religious And Alignments in Role Playing
Task Force Games / History of the Second World War / Nick Schuessler
Game Designers' Workshop / Basic Traveller / Marc Miller
Computer Gaming World / Computer Gaming World Discussion Forum
FASA / Star Trek: Triangle Independent Campaigns
Game Designers Guild / Decisive Weapons of Modern Warfare / Greg Costikyan
Avalon Hill / ASL - How It Came About & What's Still Coming
Iron Crown Enterprises / ICE's Middle Earth & Loremaster Worlds
North Western Pennsylvania Wargamers Association / Wagram Expansion and Update
Victory Games / Civil War Games
Advanced Gaming Technologies / Star Realms
FASA / Operation Armageddon: Strategic Starship Campaigns
Game Designers Guild / Bad Game Ideas and How to Make them Work / Greg Costikyan
Game Designers' Workshop / Advanced Traveller / Marc Miller
Iron Crown Enterprises / Rolemaster and Middle Earth Role Playing
Victory Games / Wargame Research
West End Games / Paranoia: Timeless Art? (or Ray Gun Crap?)
Diverse Talents, Inc. / Meet The New Fire and Movement and VIP / Wallace Poulter, Alan Emrich, and Gary E. Smith
FASA / Alien Player Characters: Romulans & Klingons
Game Designers Guild / Role Playing Adventures: Crutch or Artform / Greg Costikyan
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Nip and Tuck with Plastic Figures / Paul Koch
TJ / The World of Tekumel
Wilmark Dynasty / It's Magic
Task Force Games / Creating and Empire Campaign: Nexus / David Weber
John Prados / Innovation in Game Design
World Wide Wargamers / East Wind Rain / Mark McLaughlin
FASA / Game Mastering The Final Frontier
Steve Mecca / Role Playing in Lankhmar, City of Adventure
West End Games / Meet West End Games
FASA / Rock Quarries and Endless Hallways / Doctor Who Role Playing Game
Game Designers' Workshop / Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society / Lauren Wiseman
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Playing WRG Ancients, 6th Edition
RG / Theory and Principles of Magic
Victory Games / Meet Victory Games
Historical Miniatures Gaming Society / Ask The Courier
Ragnarok Enterprises / City, Dungeon & Wilderness....The Roleplaying Setting
TSR / Role Playing: The Woman's Point of View / Penny Petticord
TT / My Worst Night in Role Playing
Avalon Hill / A Look at Perilous Lands
People's Wargames / Dual For Kharkov: Feb '43
TSR / TSR Free for All / Ernie Gygax
USMC / Nicaragua and INsurgency in Central America
MicroProse Software / The Future of Computer Wargaming / Sid Meier and Ed Bever
World Wide Wargamers / Holy Roman Empire / Chris Vorder Bruegge
Empire Miniatures / Offensive Tactics in Empire III
Essex Gaming Organization / Magic in FRP: A Magician's Point of View / David Stephens
John Prados / Just Ask a Designer
Mayfair Games / Story Telling & Theater: The Roots of RPG / Colry Galberson
Omar DeWitt/AHIKS / Play by Mail
FASA / the Battledroid Sucessor States
Ragnarok Enterprises / Economy and Society in the Fantasy World
Steve Jackson Games / Cartoon Craziness
Game Designers Guild / Wargaming: A Demographic Blip? / Greg Costikyan
Avalon Hill / Subscriber Free for All
Adventures By Mail / Beyond the Stellar Empire Discussion Forum
Game News / How To Write For Game News
North Western Pennsylvania Wargamers Association / Borodino Update II
Steve Jackson Games / The Wonderful World of Car Wars
Victory Games / James Bond 007 Seminar
World Wide Wargamers / The Wargamer - A Discussion / keith Poulter
Game Designers Guild / The Next Generation In RP: Sophistication vs Simplicity
West End Games / Is It Too Late To Save The Roman Empire? / Al Nofi
West End Games / Went End's Star Trek Games: A Seminar
Adventure Systems / Illuminati/Car Wars PBM Player-Fest / Steve Jackson, Draper, and Susan Kauffman
Avalon Hill / The Programming of Gulf Strike
FASA / Starship Command Briefing
John Prados / Pentagon Games
Victory Games / Modern Wargame Design
Game Designers Guild / The Hackneyed Battles Quad / Greg Costikyan
World Science Fiction Convention / Worldcon Gaming
Flying Buffalo / Play By Mail: Question and Answers
FASA / Campaigns in the Final Frontier
Gamemaster Guides / Role Playing Questions and Answers
Game Designers' Workshop / Europa Seminar
Mayfair Games / Role Aids Guidelines For Writers / Mr Glaberson
West End Games / Interactive Fiction in Board Gaming / Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan
FASA / The Key of Time: Doctor Who Companions
Game Designers' Workshop / 3rd World War/Assult / Frank Chadwick
Lou Zocchi / Air Combat Gaming & Designing
Ragnarok Enterprises / Gods, Religion, and Faith in Role Playing
TSR / RPGA Meeting / Penny Petticord
Ragnarok Enterprises / Bringing Characters To Life
TSR / Tips on Fantasy Campaigns / Frank Mentzer
Amarillo Design Bureau / Star Fleet Battles / Stephen V. Cole
Escape Ventures, Inc. / Getting Famous: Playtesting Element Masters
Game Designers' Workshop / Twilight 2000 / Frank Chadwick
FASA / Doctor Who Meet the Designers
Mayfair Games / Meet Mayfair
Game Designers Guild / Whay Are PBM Games Boring?
Victory Games / Wargame Design
John Prados / Game Tactics and Ground Tactics

Demonstrations (Sponsor / Event / Host and/or game type):
Clash of Arms Games / La Bataille De Preussisisch-Eylau
FASA / Star Trek, Command and Control
FASA / Star Trek III Ship Combat Game
Escape Ventures / Obtain The Communication Crystal
Games Workshop / Warhammer: Battle
Lou Zocchi / Dante's Inferno / revised product marketed by Gamescience
Mayfair Games / MG Demonstration
Nelson Enterprises Time Portal Hobbies / Indunas, Colonels and Emirs
SU / Supremacy The Game of Superpowers
FASA / Star Trek: Make A Million
Games Workshop / Warhammer: Role Playing
Iron Crown Enterprises / Starmaster
Pacesetters / Chill Boardgame
Ral Partha / Fantasy Medieval 25mms
Ragnarok Enterprises / Suburban Slasher
Richard R Sartore and Associates, Inc. / Seekreig Naval Miniatures Rules
West End Games / Star Trek The Adventure Game
FASA / Battledroids A Game of Armored Combat
Avalon Hill / Deluxe Advanced Squad Leader / Don Greenwood, Bob McNamara, Charley Kiber
Escape Ventures / Quest For the Dragon Lizard Egg
Flying Buffalo / Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes Demonstration Game / Mike Stackpole
Games Workshop / Judge Dredd Role Playing
Tag Industries / Midnite At the Well of Souls
Richard R. Sartore and Associates, Inc. / Seekreig Naval Miniatures Rules
FASA / Battlestar Galactia
FASA / The Doctor Who Role Playing Game Learn The Game That Lets You Battle The Forces of Evil Throughout Time and Space
Games Workshop / Golden Heroes
Pacesetter / Chill RPG With Grenadier Miniatures
Ragnarok Enterprises / Guns At Noon
Ral Partha / Fantasy Medieval 25mms
Tri Tac Games / Fringeworthy / Richard Tucholka
West End Games / Chopper! Modern Airmobile Warfare
West End Games / Pax Romana
Escape Ventures / In Search of The Isk Plant
Pacesetter / Wabbit Wampage
Task Force Games / History of the Second World War / Nick Schuessler
Tri Tac Inc. / Faster Than Light
World Wide Wargamers / Clash of Steel / Keith Poulter
Zephyr Press Presents
Clash of Arms Games / La Bataille D'Auerstaedt
FASA / Star Trek III Ship Combat Game
Flying Buffalo / Tunnels & Trolls Beginners Game
Game Designers' Workshop / Frank Chadwick
Games Workshop / Golden Heroes
Mayfair Games / Demonstrations
Microprose Software / Crusade In Europe
Pacesetter / Chill RPG With Grenadier Miniatures
Ragnarok Enterprises / London By Night
Tri Tac Inc. / Rogue 417 Incursion
West End Games / Tales of Arabian Nights A Storytelling game

Check back for more additions

Following is a page 4 of this programs interior scan of What is Origins? and Guest of Honor, Charles S. Roberts:

Adding this here for Allan:

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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 3:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

When Allan buzzes through. I think the information above regarding Treasure of the Dragon Queen might prove interesting to him.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2008 8:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks Adam: I noticed this awhile ago, but have been meaning to post my Origins scans and haven't gotten around to it, but did want to let you know that I really appreciate the extra info. I'll add it to my page on TotDQ Very Happy
Allan Grohe

Editor and Project Manager, Black Blade Publishing
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David K-Smyth

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow complete flashback. I so remember this convention. I made it to the second round of the AD & D open. I was voted in by the table as 'best roleplayer'? I have no memory of the second round at all. I would love to see more scans of the program.
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