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Documento sin título
Origins '82 (1982)

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:52 am    Post subject: Origins '82 (1982) Reply with quote

Title: Origins '82; The 8th Annual National Adventure Gaming Show
Convention Dates: July 23, 24, and 25th, 1982
Convention Location: The University of Maryland, Baltimore County Campus.
Type: Convention program
Significant Credits-
Host: GAMA
Convention Manager: Wes Coates
Cover art: n/a
Auctioneers: MDG (Metro Detroit Gamers) staff and Mike Bartnikowski
Copyright: n/a
Place of Publication: n/a
Format: 68 pages. Yellow cardstock cover. Light weight paper. Stapled
Cover Price: free
Mass: 90g
Dimensions: length 21.6cm, width 14cm, thickness .5cm

Back cover:

Significant events:
Tournaments (sponsor/event/host (game type)):
Nova Games / Ace of Aces / Al Leonardi
Avalon Hill / Acquire /
Strategic Studies Games / Alaric the Goth-Attila the Hun / Paul Van Patten (military diplo)
Oracle Games / Alma Mater - Campout / Andrew Warden
Monroe County Wargamers / And You Thought The *!#& Was Tough / Jeff Yoiro (frp)
Monroe County Wargamers / Assassin's Quest / Randolph Martens (frp)
Arlington Conflict Simulations Club / Axis & Allies / Randy Giesey & John Hennebry
Origins '82 / Backgammon
Wizards of the Airways / Barroom Brawl / Brad Lewis (frp)
Avalon Hill / Battle of the Bulge 81 / Bruno Sinigaglio
Monroe County Wargamers / Belasarius Incident / (traveller)
William Frog / Beyond Elven Honor / (frp)
Avalon Hill / Black Spy / Alan Moon
Nova Games / Bounty Hunter / Joe Angiolillo
Citadel Game Series / Broadsides & Boarding Parties / Pat Flory
Steve Jackson Games / Car Wars / Steve Jackson
Wizards of the Airways / Caverns Under the Keep or Mind Your Manors / Eric Chandler (frp) prizes by Little Soldier Shop
Origins '82 / Chickamauga / Bob Watkins
William Frog / Chivalry / Dr. Allen Barwick (frp)
Avalon Hill / Circus Maximus / Tim Kask
Bob Giglio / Civil War Role Playing /
Avalon Hill / Classics / Dale Garbutt
Origins '82 / Collegiate Crew / Jeff Cornett
Conquest Games / Conquest Games / Donald Benge
Eon Products / Cosmic Encounter / Peter Olotka
William Frog / The Count's Quest / John Mooers (frp)
Historical Concepts / Cradle of Civilization / Charles Gaenslen
Avalon Hill / Crescendo of Doom / Jon Mishcon and Joe Suchar
Wizards of the Airways / The Cult of Lithium-Su-Madath / John Richards (frp)
Eon Products / Darkover / Bill Eberle
Connecticut Games Club / Delta Ruins / Larry Burke and Brad lewis (frp)
Dipcon Society / Diplomacy / Rod Walker, Fred Davis, and Mark Berch
Avalon Hill / Down With The King / Jeff Clark and Alan Moon
Mayfair Games / Empire Builder / (railroad era)
New York Game Board / Empires of the Middle Ages / Robert Sacks (diplo)
Rutgers University Gamers / Escape from Kryslion / (prison escape)
Wizards of the Airways / The First Wizards' Almost Annual Tourney / John Richards and Brad Lewis
Avalon Hill / Football Strategy / Tom Shaw
Avalon Hill / Gladiator / Jim Burnett
Avalon Hill / Gunslinger / Richard Hamblen
Task Force / Heroes of Olympus / Vance Buck
Eon Products / Hoax / Peter Olotka
Game Designers' Workshop / A House Divided / Frank Chadwick
Rutgers University Gamers / Imperium / A. Reider (GDW space warfare)
Rutgers University Gamers / Invasion: Earth / Ed Sullivan (GDW sponsored science fiction)
William Frog / The Jade Box / John Bolton (frp)
William Frog / Jewel Quest / J.D. Gershan (frp)
Kabal / KABAL /
Avalon Hill / Kingmaker / Rex Martin
National Monstergaming Society / La Bataille De La Moskowa / Chandler Tedholm
Wizards of the Airways / Labyrinth of the Goodwitch / Janice Goodwin (Thieves Guild frp co-sponsored by Gamelords, Ltd)
Ken Rolston / The Lost Island of Castanamar the Mad / Ken Rolston (frp)
University of Maryland Wargamers / Machiavelli / Arnold Miller
Wilmark Dynasty / Melanda, Land of Mystery / John Corradin (frp)
Connecticut Games Club / National Team Gaming Championships / (wargames)
Central Jersey Role Playing Association / Night of the Assassin / Tom Tierman (traveller)
Flying Buffalo / Nuclear War / Rick Loomis
Oracle Games / Nuke'm /
Steve Jackson Games / OGRE/GEV / Steve Jackson
William Frog / Pantermen of Lake TA / Robert Gelinas (frp)
Origins '82 / Panzergruppe Guderian / Henry Robinette of Atlanta Wargaming Society
Connecticut Games Club / Players Revenge / Harry Burke (frp)
William Frog / Prison Dungeon / John Schertler (frp)
Eon Products / Quirks / Bill Eberle
Wizards of the Airways / Raid on Santa's Lair / Marnie Bosch (frp)
Avalon Hill / Rail Baron / Jim Burnett
Rutgers University Gamers / Raid On 494908 / (traveller)
Mayfair Games / Red Star Falling / Jeff Clark (wargame)
Chaosium / Runequest / Ken Rolston
Eon Products / Runes / Peter Olotka
Avalon Hill / Slapshot / Alan Moon
Avalon Hill / Speed Circuit / Jim Burnett
Origins '82 / Spies / Mark Cohen
Avalon Hill / Squad Leader Team Competition / Memphis SL Playtest Team
Task Force / Starfire / Stephen Wilcox
Task Force / Star Fleet Battles /
Avalon Hill / Storm Over Arnhem / Courtney Allen
Castle Creations / Super Hero Adventure /
Alternative Games Company / Terrorist / 2 sessions
Juggernaut / Third World Wars /
Mark Hancock / Trafalgar w/ WS&IM / Mark Hancock
Manzakk Publishing / Traveller / Tim Ward of Rutgers University Gamers hosts the sanctioned GDW traveller event
Game Designers' Workshop / Trillion Credit Squadron / John Harshman (traveller)
William Frog / Trust / Dr. Allen Barwick (frp)
Citadel Game Series / VI Caesars / Gary DeFoer
Avalon Hill / War&Peace / Mark McLaughlin
Avalon Hill / War At Sea / Alan Moon
National Monstergaming Society / War in Europe / Joe Drummond
Task Force / The Warriors of Batak / Stephen Wilcox
Bob Giglio / Western Role Playing /
Yaquinto / Wings / Craig Taylor (air warfare)
Avalon Hill / Wizard's Quest / Jim Stahler
William Frog / The Wizard's Tower: Demon's Bane / Tom Carroll (frp)
Avalon Hill / Wooden Ships & Iron Men / Mark Hancock
Ragnarok Enterprises / Wyrdworld Mini-Campaign /

Seminars (sponsor / event / host):
Hero Games / Advanced Champions / George McDonald
Hero Games / Advanced Espionage / Rick Gaudio
Game Designers' Workshop / Advanced Traveller / Mark Miller
Rutgers University Gamers / Advanced Traveller Campaign / E. Sullivan, A. Rieder, J. Rieder
Gamescience / Air Combat Game Design / Lou Zocchi
Quarterdeck Games / Another Third World Game Company / Jack Greene
Iron Crown Enterprises / Arms Law & Fantasy Combat / Peter Fenlon & S. Coleman Charlton
Washington Gamer's Association / The Art of Heraldry / Ben Butterfield
Hero Games / Basic Champions / Steve Patterson
Wizards of the Airlines / Basic FRP - A Beginner's Introduction / Marnie Bosch
Connecticut Gamers Club / Basic FRP Campaigns / Harry Burke
Wizards of the Airlines / Basic FRP Gamesmastering / Brad Lewis
Game Designers' Workshop / Basic Traveller / Marc Miller
Fantasy Games Unlimited / Bushido & Aftermath / Robert Charrette & Paul Hume
Washington Gamer's Association / Care & Feeding of Club Newsletters / Donald Day
Ragnarok Enterprises / Castle Design & Siege Warfare / Lew Bryson
Heritage Games / Conan: Brawn vs Brain in RPGs / Ed Andrews
Lew Pulsipher / Constructing Believable FRP Environments / Dr. Lewis Pulsipher
Chris Crawford / Computer Wargame Design / Chris Crawford
The Companions / Court of Charlemagne / Ray Estabrook
Ragnarok Enterprises / Designing a Fantasy Campaign / David Nalle
Gamescience / Designing Fantasy Role Playing Systems / Prof. M.A.R. Barker
Victory Games / Designing Victory Games / Eric Smith, Bob Ryer, Gerry Klub, Mark Herman, and John Butterfield
Dipcon Society / Dipcon XV Society Meeting / Herb Barents
Dipcon Society / Diplomacy Variant Committee Meeting / Robert Sacks
Washington Gamer's Association / Doing It Yourself in Basic / Donald Day
Ken Rolston / Effective FRP Tournament Play / Ken Rolston
The Companions / Enhancing Dungeon Presentations / John Wheeler
Hero Games / Espionage /
Avalon Hill / Falkland Island Crisis / Marcus Watney
Heritage Games / Freelancers & Dwarfstar Game Design /
Lew Pulsipher / FRP Tactics & Strategy / Dr. Lewis Pulsipher
Lew Pulsipher / FRP World Making / Dr. Lewis Pulsipher
Game Designers' Workshop / Future of Historical Boardgaming / Frank Chadwick
GAMA / Game Manufacturer's Association meeting
Ragnarok Enterprises / Gamemaster's Seminar /
Game Designer's Guild Annual Banquet / Lou Zocchi and Woody Knots entertainers
Dipcon Society / The Game & Hobby of Diplomacy / Bruce Linsey, Rod Walker, Merk Berch, Kathy Byrne
Flying Buffalo / Game & Magazine Production / Liz Danforth
Ragnarok Enterprises / Gamer's Guide to FRP Games /
Ragnarok Enterprises / Gamer's Guide to Multi-Player Games / Henry Dove
People's Wargames / The Games of People's Wargames / Jack Radey
Avalon Hill / General Subscriber's Meeting / Don Greenwood
Ragnarok Enterprises / High vs. Low Power Role Playing / David Nalle, Eric Olson, Lew Bryson
Chris Crawford / History & Future of Computer Wargaming / Chris Crawford
Ken Rolston / How Does Magic Work? / Ken Rolston
Grenadier Models / How Miniatures Are Made / Ken Eastland
Lew Pulsipher / Improving Your Role Playing Campaign / Dr. Lewis Pulsipher
West End Games / Kamakura / Scott Palter
John Prados / Limited Intelligence / John Prados
Wilmark Dynasty / Magical Alternatives / Lee McCormick
Dave Stephens / Magic in FRP: A Magician's Point of View / David Stephens
Iron Crown Enterprises / Making Magic Work in Fantasy Gaming / s. Coleman Charlton
The Companions / Maps & Mapping for FRP Campaigns / John Wheeler
Heritage / Marketing Your Own Product / Howie Barasch
American Wargaming Association / Meet the American Wargaming Association /
Steve Jackson Games / Meet Steve Jackson Games / Steve Jackson
Game Designers' Workshop / Meet the Workshop
Yaquinto / Meet Yaquinto
Archaeron Games / methodical mayhem / Wilf Backhous
John Prados / Modern Period Games & Reality / John Prados
Eon Products / More Fascination From Eon / Peter Olotka and Bill Eberle
National Monstergaming Society / Seminar / Chandler Tedholm and Dick Walker
Alternative Games Company / Next Generation in RPG Rules / Gregory Maples
North American Diplomacy Federation & Canadian Diplomacy Organization Meeting
Northeast Gaming Association Meeting
GAMA Origins Awards Committee Meeting / Bill Sommers
GAMA Origins Site Selection & Awards Presentation
Wilmark Dynasty / Personality & Pizazz / John Corradin
John Prados / Problems of Free Lance Game Design
David Stephens / The Problems with Magic
Allen Pearson / Publishing an Amateur Gaming 'Zine / Gary Coughlin, Roy Henricks, Al Pearson, John Daly
Wilmark Dynasty / Riddling Games & Puzzles Boxes / Micaela Corradin
Ragnarok Enterprises / Role Playing The Fantasy Character / Lew Bryson, David Nalle, Nick Knisley
Heritage / Shape of Things to Come / Howard Barasch
Entertainment Concepts / Silverdawn / Jim Dutton
Flying Buffalo / Solo Adventure Design / Mike Stackpole, Liz Danforth
SPI / Soviet Military & Industrial Decision Making / John E. Jessup
The Companions / Spanish Main: Elizabethan Ships in Legend & Fact / Peter Rice
Washington Gamer's Association / SPI Quad-Game Tactics / Peter Reese and George Young
Avalon Hill / Squad Leader: The View from the Trenches / Don Greenwood, Bob Medrow, Bob McNamara, Jon Mishcon, Joe Suchar, Courtney Allen
Mercer Adventure Gamers / Strategy & Tactics in the Civil War / Dr. David Martin and Leonard Millman
Game Designers' Workshop / Striker
Heritage / Swordbearer: Gamemaster Symposium
Juggernaut / Third World Wars / George Paczolt
Game Designers' Workshop / Traveller Campaigns
Mercer Adventure Gamers / 25 Years of Gettysburg Games / Dr. David Martin & Lenny Millman
Neil Hall / War in Europe / Neil Hall and Joe Drummond
WFF N PROOF / WFF 'N PROOF Resource Strategy Games / Buzz Allen
Flying Buffalo / Whats New from Flying Buffalo
Glen Taylor / Women in Wargaming
Avalon Hill / Yamamoto or The Rising Sun II / Marcus Watney

Miniatures Events (sponsor / event / host):
FASA / A New Starship Miniatures System / William Keith
Adventure Games / Advanced Harpoon / Larry Bond
Heritage / Advanced Painting for Miniatures
Courier / Ask the Courier
Jim Arnold / Assault on Osgiliath
Cliff Sayre / ASW for Naval Miniatures
Ral Partha / Ballad of Cedric of Nottingstone
Heritage / Basic Painting for Miniatures
Jim Arnold / The Battle of Austerlitz
Columbia Wargame Club / Beginner's Waterloo
Historical Miniature Gaming Society / British Colonial Skirmish
Heritage / COG Wars
New York Wargame Association / Column, Line, & Square / Jon Guarnaschelli
GHQ / Diplo Micro Miniatures
Gorget & Sash Magazine / Early Modern Warfare
Northwest PA Wargamers / Empire III Using System
Columbia Wargame Club / Empire 3rd Edition Rules
Mike's Models / 15mm WRG Ancients / Jay Stone
Gamescience / Fighter Combat / Lou Zocchi
Historical Miniature Gaming Society / Flexible Napoleonic Army Organization
GHQ / France 1940
North Pennsylvania Gamers / Fusilier 9mm Napoleonics
Triangle Simulation Society / Heart of Oak
Historical Miniature Gaming Society / Painting Competition
GHQ In Defense of the Reichstag
Adventure Games / Introduction to Harpoon
Frontline Publications / Longsword
Mike Norris / Napoleonic 15mm Collection Battle
Strategic Studies Games / Napoleonic Cavalry Combat / Thomas Coveney
Triangle Simulations Society / Napoleonic Skirmish Game
Cliff Sayre / Naval Miniatures for Nocives
Courier / New Concepts in Wargaming I, Command and Control / George Jeffrey and John Koontz
Courier / New Concepts in Wargaming II, Scales & Design / George Jeffrey
Courier / New Concepts in Wargaming III, Tactics & Grand Tactics / George Jeffrey and John Koontz
Courier / New Concepts in Wargaming IV, Variable Length Bound Napoleonic Rules / George Jeffrey
Courier / New Concepts in Wargaming V, Morale in Battle / George Jeffrey
Courier / New Concepts in Wargaming VI, National Differences / George Jeffrey
GHQ / Normandy 1944
People's Wargames / On To Richmond
University of Florida Simulations Club / Overwatch: WWII Armor / Cliff Mertins and Al Abbott
Mike's Models / Painting Contest
Ral Partha / Painting Laserburn Figures / Jay Hadley
Jay Hadley / Painting Miniatures
Triangle Simulations Society / Plant a Tree, A Bush, or A Shrub / Joel Haas
Shipshop / Pre-1914 Seapower
Jim Arnold / The Relief of Danzig
Mike's Models / Rock-Break-Scissors: Renaissance Tactics / Robert Andriola
Triangle Simulations Society / Rolling Your Own / Joel Haas
People's Wargames / Roundtable Discussion on Tabletop Simulations / Martin Gordon
GHQ / Russia '41
RAFM / Skirmishers & Light Troops / Ray Johnson, George Nafziger, Jean Lochet
Ral Partha / Striker: Battle For Empire / Jay Hadley and Mike Murphy
Mike's Models / The Sun Never Sets / Barry Gray and Dave Waxtel
Connecticut Gamers Club / Sword & Flame
Triangle Simulations Society / Sword & Flame Colonial Rules / Ed Mohrmann
Courier / Variable Length Bound Napoleonic Rules / George Jeffrey
Pat Condray / Warfare in the Age of Napoleon The Little / Pat Condray
RAFM / War of 1812 / Tom Devoe
Mike Models / Waterloo / Dave Waxtell
People's Wargames / Western Shootout / Wally Simon
People's Wargames / WRG 15mm Ancients
Courier / WRG 1925-85
Mike Norris / WRG Renaissance - ECW 15mm
Mike's Models / WRG Renaissance, 15mm / Jay Stone
People's Wargames / WRG 25mm Ancients
Shipshop / WWII Seapower / Maryland Naval Tactical Game Society

Demonstrations (sponsor / event / host):
FASA / A Traveller Adventure / Andrew Keith
Fantasy Games Unlimited / Aftermath / Bob Weller
FASA / Behind Enemy Lines
National Monstergaming Society / Bloody April
Eon Products / Borderlands / Bill Eberle
Fantasy Games Unlimited / Bushido: The Daimyo's Secret / Robert Charette and Paul Hume
Hero Games / Champions / Barney Turney
AGI / Complete Brigadier / John Grossman
The Companions / Curse on Hareth
Ragnarok Enterprises / Dual Magical Demonstration
Hero Games / Espionage: Project Omega / Barney Turney
Hero Games / Espionage / George McDonald
Hero Games / Fantasy Hero / Barney Turney
Yaquinto / French Foreign Legion
Mercer Adventure Gamers / General Hospital / Brent Nosworthy
The Companions / Hastings Syndrome: 22 September 1068 / Ray Estabrook
Hero Games / How the Mighty Have Fallen
Flying Buffalo / Intro to Mercenaries, Spies , and Private Eyes
Heritage / Intro to Swordbearer
Flying Buffalo / Into to Web
Yaquinto / Man, Myth, and Magic Advanced / Steve Peek
Yaquinto / Man, Myth, and Magic Intro / Steve Peek
Fantasy Games Unlimited / Micronauts & The Soul Gem / Jeff Dee
Heritage / Playing Swordbearer
Adventure Games / Qadardalikbi (tekumel)
WFF N PROOF / QT: The Ultimate Code Breaking Game / Buzz Allen
Kaden Enterprises / Quintillions / Kathy Jones
The Companions / Slavic Wars: 16 Aug 1016
The Companions / Space Opera / Steve Richardson
Teh Companions . Spanish Main / Peter Rice
Task Force / Star Fleet Command
Task Force / Starline 2200 Miniatures For Star Fleet Battles
DJ Enterprises / Super Heroes & Super Villians / Dennis Simunek
Gamescience / Swords & Glory / Jeffry Barry
Avalon Hill / Telengard /
FASA / Traveller Adventure / Andrew Keith
The Companions / Viking Wars: 7 June 1000 / Ray Estabrook
Yaquinto / Yaquinto Game Fest - Beat Bud at Battle
National Monstergaming Society / Wild Card Monster Demo: War in the Pacific
Ragnarok Enterprises / Ysgarth Rule System


Conspicuously missing from this convention are TSR events. Even the term GM takes over for DM across the board. There is an excerpt toward the front of the book detailing that Origins is not allow to use specific brand names without permission under the threat of lawsuit.

Following is an article from this issue (page 8)

Jack Scruby was the guest of honor for this convention. Following is a scan of a reprint inside this issue (page 39), that was originally printed in the COURIER, Vol. 1 #5 article by Bob Beattie.

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