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Origins 79 (1979)

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:06 am    Post subject: Origins 79 (1979) Reply with quote

Title: Origins 79, including Penn Con XV
Convention Dates: June 22, 23, and 24, 1979
Convention Location: Widener College, Chester, PA
Type: Convention program
Significant Credits-
Co-Chairman: Jay Hadley and Bob Pigeon
Auctioneers: Metro Detroit Gamers auction staff headed by Mike Bartnikowski
Copyright: n/a
Artwork: n/a
Place of Publication:
Format: 76 pages. Off-white cardstock cover. Light weight paper. Stapled
Cover Price: n/a
Mass: 94g
Dimensions: length 21.7cm, width 14cm, thickness .5cm

Back cover:

Significant events:
Against Four Worlds - Q&A by Simonsen for SPI
Air Combat Panel - by Lou Zocchi and others
Air Force/Dauntless Tournament
Airpower Tournament - TSRs Airpower
Amateur Publications
American Civil War: Johnny Rebb - by Heritage and John Hill & Duke Seifried
American Revolution
Anatomy of a Game: The Longest Day - by Randall C Reed
Antietam - new product Q&A by Richard Berg
Avalon Hill Classic 500 - by Dale Barbutt & Doug Burke
Ancient Warfare - discussion with Glen Kidd
Basic and Advanced Fighter - by Lou Zocchi
Blue & Grey Quad
Boot Hill - hosted by Scot Slingsby
Bushido Tournament - by Paul Hume and George Nyhen
Campaigns of Napoleon
Chivalry & Sorcery - by Doug Mercer and David Simmons
Civil War Panel
Club Organizing Panel
Computer Games
Computer Gaming - by Jim Dunnigan
Convention Organizing
Cosmic Encounters
Cross of Iron - by Don Greenwood
D&D Crackerbarrel - Q&A with DMs from across the country to discuss recent developments in D&D
Designing For Realism - by Jim Dunnigan
Designing the Dungeon Seminar - by Tom Filmore and John Corradin
Designing Wargames - by GDWs Frank Chadwick
Dipcon '79 - by John Boyer
Dragonlord - hosted by Fantasy Games Unlimited
Dragonslayer - by Eric Goldberg
Dungeon Adventure - by John Corradin tournament
Dungeon Adventure Tournament - hosted by Washington Gamers
Dungeon Tournament - use of TSR's Dungeon game. 'not sponsored by TSR'
Dungeons and Dragons - hosted by TSR
1829 - by Penn Warmagers
Empire Napoleonics for the Beginner - Empire Games by Scot Bowden
Empire Napoleonics for the Experienced Player - Empire Games
Fall of Rome - by Greg Costikyan
Fantasy Games: Today and Tomorrow
Fields of Terror - by Ral Partha
Fight in the Skies
Figure Painting Competition
Football Strategy - by Tom Shaw
4th Dimension Tournament - by TSR
Frederick the Great to Napoleon - by RAFM and Ray Johnson
Freelance Game Design
Future of Simulations - staff of Operational Studies Group
Future Trends in Gaming - by Howard Barasch
Game Design Clinic - by John Prados
Game Designers Guild Meeting
Game Development
Game Publishing - by SPIs Jim Dunnigan
Gametime Games - by Heritage
Gangster - by FGUs Scot Bizar
Gladitorial Combat - by Tom Filmore
Gettysburg the 2nd Day - by Empire Games
Graphics & Production - by SPIs Redmond Simonsen, Charles Roberts
Hastings - by Richard Berg
Hidden Movement for Naval Boardgames - by Cliff Sayer, Jr
How to open your own hobby shop - by Jeffry Tibbetts
How to Print Your Own Game - by Tyr Gamemakers and George Nyhen
Hundred Years War - by Brad Hessel
Imperium - by Shore Games Group
Introduction to Adventure Gaming - by Duke Seifried
Imperial Governor & Strategos
Julius Caesar - Richard Berg discussion
Kesselschlacht project I & II - by Dana Lombardi
Kursk - by SPI and Eric Goldberg
Lam Son - by Attack Wargamers
Liepzig - Operational Studies Group
Lord of the Rings - by Heritage Models and Duke Seifried
Marlborough at Blenheim - by West End Games
Medieval heraldry and painting - Ken Gallagher
Medieval Seminar - by Jim Dunnigan and Ajax Buccini
Meet the Editor
Melee Wizard Tournament
Memphis to Vicksburg - by John Butterfield of SPI
Metamorphosis Alpha/Gamma World - Jim Ward hosts this tourney
Micro Game 600
Middle Sea - by FGU
Military Tactics of the 18th and 18th Century
Miniature Rules - Duke Seifried and John Hill
Modern Tactics Seminar
Money Dungeon - by Tom Filmore and John Corradin
Monopoly - by Metro Detroit Gamers
Naval War Seminar - by Stephen Donaldson
Napoleonic Seminar - by Ray Johnson and RAFM
North Africa Seminar - by Frank Chadwick and Richard Berg
Organizing Miniature Campaigns
Origins '80 business meeting
Painting Forum
Painting Miniatures
Painting Workshop - by Courier Rob Mosca and Joe Miceli
Panzergruppe Guderian
Pre-20th Century Quad
Rail Baron - by Mick Uhl
Railroad Rivals - Penn Wargamers
Rally on the Colors: Flags and Standards - by Z&M and Dave Meyers
Research & Development
Richthofen's War Demolition Derby - by Avalon Hill and Randy Reed
Role Playing and Miniatures - by Ral Partha and Fantasy Games Unlimited
Role Playing Games - Scot Bizar
Runequest - by Chaosium
Russian Campaign - by Richard Hamblen
Russian Civil War - by Washington Gamers
Science Fiction Games
Scratch Building Seminar
Science Fiction Games
Second Empire
Seige and Assault - by Courier Publications
Sense, Style, and Simulation in Game Design - by John Prados
Series 120 - by Marc Miller GDW
Snits Revenge - TSR
Softball Game
Space Patrol - by Lou Zocchi
Space Quest - by Paul Hume and George Hyhen
Speed Circuit - by Bruce Milligan
SPI Roast
Space Capsules Quad
Stalingrad - John Butterfield discussion
Stalingrad Strategy - Don Day discussion
Star Fleet Tournament - by Lou Zocchi
Starships & Spacemen - Dr. Leonard Canterman
Star Trek - Heritage miniatures
Star Trek Demolition
Stars n Brass - Empire Games
Stellar Conquest
Strike Team Alpha - by Lou Zocchi
Swords & Spells Tournament - Shore Games Group. TSR games but not TSR sponsored
System 7 Workshop - by GDW Rich Banner
Tanks, Turrets and Troops: Armour Seminar
Tactics and Grand Tactics: Napoleonic Warfare
Teh East is Dead - Stephen Donaldson
Traveller Demonstration - by Marc Miller and GDW
Traveller Workshop
Tunnels & Trolls - Flying Buffalo demonstrations
20th Century Naval Panel
Understanding Game Design - by Arnold Hendricks
The University of Chaos Money Dungeon
Universal Soldier Medieval & Renaissance
USAC Auto Racing Indy 500
Victory at Sea
Video Games - Shore Gaming Group
War at Sea - by Jim Skinner
Wargames, Boardgames, and Military Miniatures - by Rich Mataka
Whiff of Grapeshot - Ral Partha hosts
Win Place & Show
The Wizard's Tower Strikes Again - by Tom Carroll
Wizard's War - by Tom Filmore
Woman's Role in Adventure Gaming - by Carol Neuman de Vegrar
Wooden Ships & Iron Men - by Wes Coates
WWI Naval Demonstration - by Cliff Sayer
WW II with Panzertroops
WRG Ancients: Concepts and Realities - Courier Publications and Phil Barker
WRG Armor - Courier Publications and Rod Burr
Ancient Wargaming with Phil Barker: 3rd Annual WRG Ancients Competition
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Adam, I have the other Origins programs from 1975 to 1980 if you don't, and need them scanned.
Allan Grohe

Editor and Project Manager, Black Blade Publishing
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Allan, I am missing '75, '78, and '81. After that, I have quite a few. If you want, just scan them in and make RF entries. If you need any help, feel free to hit me up off forum.
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