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Alarums and Excursions #44 (1979)

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:47 pm    Post subject: Alarums and Excursions #44 (1979) Reply with quote

Title: Alarums and Excusions No. 44, April 1979
Type: APA (amatuer press association) role playing
Publication Schedule: Monthly
Copyright: n/a
Publishing company: n/a
Editor: Lee Gold
Artwork: Glenn Blacow (cover)
Place of Publication: Los Angeles, California
Format: 160 pages. Printed on various colors of paper. Stapled
Cover Price: n/a
Mass: 372g
Dimensions: length 27.9cm, width 21.5cm, thickness 1cm

A Few Paragraphs from the Editor. Lee Gold
Tantivy. by Lee Gold
Tales of Magic. by Ronald Pehr
The Vanity Press #1. by Eric Haines
Nekronomikan#2. by Robert Goldman
Annals of Annondrial #5. by Carl Stevens
The Arduin Trilogy review. by Mike Gunderloy and Bruce Weil
A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to the Dungeon. by Rick Meneely
Notes from the Realm Fantastic. by Rick Schwall
Nexus Journal. by Rusty Lamont
Strawberry Peel Forever. by Ragnar Fyri
The Pattern VI #2. by David Dyche
Analects of a Mad Sage. by Steve Marsh
The Bouncing Basilisk. by Michael Troutman
I Would Have Made a Great Platinum Dragon. by Bill Seligman
Kismet: Role Playing Modes of Gaming. Wilderness Tourney. by Ed Simbalist
The Herald of Galiganon. by Frauenfelder & Vinson
Walking Through Shadow #2. by Kimberly M. Beattie
Phantasmagorial Thoughts. by Michael Lopez
The Castlemere Gazette. by Jon Pickens
Anyone Wanna Buy a Coat of Mithril. by Sheldon Linker
Write it Up, She Said. by Lee Burwasser
The Slow Steps of Creation. by David Forthoffer
The Chaotic Vorpal Blade. by Paul Waters
One Frost Giant's Icicle. by Wilf Backaus
The Golden Dragon. by John T. Sapienza
The Fighter's Revenge. by Pat Mullins
Kirel's Mirror. by Kay Shapero
And We Can't Stop the Dancing Chicken. by Sean K. Summers
The Bard's Harp. by Scott Macauley
Notes on a Clay Tablet. by Cary J. Lenehan
The Traitor's Claw. by Robert Dahlen
Kismet. by Margaret Gemingnani
Morningstar Mutterings. by Phillip McGregor
We're Looking for a few good DMs. by Greg Costikyan
Kismet Continued. by Margaret Gemignani
Time of Rondon. by Barry Gold
The Return of the Pork Pie. by Hartley Patterson
The Phrenetic Phustian Pholderol #1. by Garth Alexander and Alan Wallace
Announcement. by Del Enterprises

Advertisements of Interest:

Rear cover image:

Personal Observations:

Subscription details are as follows.... "Contributors: free, no charge for postage. Non-contributors: Postage plus nothing if you contributed to previous issue. Postage plus $.75 if you contributed the issue before last. Postage plus $1 if you contributed to neither of the last two issues."

There are lots of detailed instructions regarding submissions.
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