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VIP of Gaming #3 (1986)

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PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2008 2:06 pm    Post subject: VIP of Gaming #3 (1986) Reply with quote

Title: VIP of Gaming #3 April/May 1986
Type: Magazine role playing
Publishing company: Diverse Talents, Inc.
Publisher: Alan Emerich
Editor: Pete Flahive
Gaming Department Editors:
Fantasy Gamer: Jeff Albanese
Fantasy Gamer Contributing Editors: Mike Mullen, Michael De Wolfe, Lawrence Person, Bob Kindel, Lisa Cohen
The Space Gamer: Allen Varney
Battleplan: Gary E. Smith
Battleplan contributing editors: Alan Emrich, Marion Bates, Ron Morley
The Computer Gamer: Robbie Robberson
The Computer Gamer Contributing Editor: Tom Dworschak
The Skirmish Line: Norm Flam & Bob Trimble
First Class Gaming: Nolan Bond
Double Overtime: Wallace Poulter
Under Cover: Gary E. Smith
Olympus Enquirer: Alan Emrich
Counter-Mix: Alan Emrich
Art Director: Pete Flahive
Game Library: Carol Turrietta
Advertising: Perrin Tong & Alan Emrich
Typesetting: Century Composing
Business Manager: Gary E. Smith
Circulation Manager: Carol Turrietta
Artwork: David Martin (cover), Jack Herman
Place of Publication: Long Beach California
Printer: Futura Press. Austin, Texas
Format: 72 pages. Slick cover, red. Unnumbered interior cardstock questionnaire and order forum. Stapled
Cover Price: $3.50
Mass: 198g
Dimensions: length 28cm, width 21.6cm, thickness .5cm

"But Seriously Folks". Editorial
The Olympus Enquirer. by Alan Emrich
Battleplan. Board Wargaming Magazine Supplement:
World in Flames. by Alan Emrich and Tom B. Hughes Jr
Texas Revolution. by Daniel Parks
History of the Second World War review. by Daniel Kane
TSR's World War II review. by Ron Morley
Axis and Allies review. by WA Salieri
MacAurther: The Road to Bataan, variant. by Gary E. Smith
Why Tactics II should have Been Tactics III. by Larry Bucher
Mosby's Raiders review. by Gerard A. Palmer
Game Characters. Interview with John Astell of Games Design Workshop. by Gary Smith
The Skirmish Line (product reviews)
Fantasy Gamer:
RuneQuest. Deluxe Edition review. by Michael De Wolf
Teh Seal Elves review. by Michael De Wolf
Unearth Arcana review. by Jeff Albanese
Solitaire Cthulhu review by Lisa Cohen
Conan CN1 and CN2 review. by Bob Kindel
The Mad Scientist, a complete V&V adventure. by Jack Herman
Space Gamer:
The Romulan Ship Recognition Manual review. by William A Barton
Dr. Who, the Role Playing Game review. by J Michael Caparula
New Scenarios for Cry Havoc
You Only Live Twice review. by Steve Crow
Project Wideawake review by John Wu
Car Wars Expansion Set #7 review. by Kevin A. Ross
Cat's Paw review. by John Wu
Golden Heroes review. by Craig Sheeley
Planet Building for Fun and Profit. by Dave Bryant
A Sliding Tech Level Scale for Traveller. by Greg Porter
Winning (and Repairing) Super CP. by Lawrence Person
The Computer Gamer:
Byte Back. Editorial by Robbie Robberson
An Infrocom Trio review. by Tom Dworschak
Shadowkeep review. by Robbie Robberson
First Class Gaming (pbm):
Out Time Days review. by Nolan Bond
Starmaster II review. by Stefan Jones
The New PBM. by Lawrence Person
The Weapon review. by Forrest Johnson
Observation Point. by GE Smith
Under Cover. A Selection of Previews and Reviews:
Dragons of Winter Night review
The Iranian Rescue Mission: Why It Failed review. by Gary E. Smith
Riddle of the Griffon review. by Paula Warner
The Counter Mix Humor:
All the News Before Its News! by Alan Emrich
The Gaming Parent: The Trouble with Smurfs. by Linda Woeltjen

Advertisements of Interest:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Palladium Games
Last Grenadier Distributors, Inc.
Origins Awards Nomination Ballot
International Simulations ad
Steve Jackson Games
Game Designers' Workshop
Zocchi Ad (see image below)
Strategicon Gateway 1986 convention
Croissant Miniatures in Long Beach California
Realms of Myth by Stormhawk Publications
Spiral Arm and Feudal Lords pbm games by Graaf Simulations in Michigan
Duel Masters by Reality Simulations
Simulations Canada computer games
Star Warriors pbm by Final Frontier
Out Time Days pbm by Twin Engine Gaming in San Jose California
Fire and Movement Magazine
Texas Revolution by Mings Enterprises

Rear cover image:

Additional images:


I had to work rather hard to find the issue number of this particular zine. But not nearly as hard as I did transcribing all of the credits! Seems like every page has at least two articles.

Apparently they added Space Gamer to this issue? This zine is a mixture of several different magazines in abbreviated form.

Notice the Zocchi ad regarding collectible Deities and Demigods.
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