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International Wargamer, no 64 (spring 1973)

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2007 4:00 am    Post subject: International Wargamer, no 64 (spring 1973) Reply with quote

Title: International Wargamer, no 64 (spring 1973)
Type: Wargaming Club zine
Copyright: International Federation of Wargaming, 1973
Artwork: J. Deaver (cover), George Skoch, Peter Hughes, John Bobek
Place of Publication: Chicago, Illinois
Printer: Modern Impressions
Cover Price: $.60
Mass: 56g
Dimensions: Height 28.1cm, Width 21.7cm, Depth .2cm
Format: Slightly heavier cover paper (gray/bluish), 24 pages total including covers printed both sides, 2 staples.

Tank Force, Introduction, an HO Scale Wargame for Miniatures. by Loren Sperry
Small Arms of WWII, conclusion. By Peter Hughes
The Alternate to Strategic Bombing. by J.E. Pournelle, Ph.D.
Diplomacy Forum (from out of the past), Move Analysis and Tactics (vol. 3 #8 and 9). by Lenard Lakofka
The Fleets of Europe at the Beginning of the Napoleonic Wars: The Republic of France. by Dave Arneson
Why Did Picket Charge? by Jay Richardson
MAIDA' A Battle Full of Sound and Fury. by Gary Gygax
Naval Rule Additions. by Bob Mijanovich

Advertisements of interest:
The International Game Show (gaming convention), June 1973, in Chicago, sponsored by IFW and Chicago Chess Club. Combined conventions at one time including DiploCon VI and Chicago II.

back cover:

Scribe's Musings: This is the latest issue of IFW items in my possession (I think). I will begin here and work backwards to the very oldest items in my possession. I probably have close to 50 unique items so it will take a while before I begin work on the nonTSR section again. duh It should be noted that this item is numbered in a way unlike others in the previous sequence. Nearly every issue has a different method of numbering the sequence. I shall point them out as I work through them.

The credits page is spartan compared to most of the other later issues in my possession. Also, the numeration to the issue is completely unique to the others in progression. I assume that IFW produced 63 issues prior to this one.

Articles by Arneson, Gygax, and Lakofka make up a decent amount of the magazine. Of course, all about wargaming with Lakofka's article about his specialty Diplomacy and Arneson's about his specialty naval combat. At this period in time the D&D boxset should have been in some form of production. This is the last issue of my collection and I am uncertain how many more there were after this one (if any). The Convention mentioned in notable advertisments above list 'fantasy' as one aspect of gaming at this convention.

eta: addition to musings
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 4:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is actually the second-to-last issue of the International Wargamer, not the last. Vol. 5 No. 9 enjoys that distinction. One good indication is Dave Arneson's article - in No. 64, it has Part II of his "Fleets of Europe", in v5n9, Part III. Also, the summer 1973 IFW News notes that the 65th issue (v5n9) is the last.

The numbering system is unique for this issue, but this is hardly the only unexpected deviation in the history of the IW.
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